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Müller Martini Buchtechnologie GmbH

Müller Martini Buchtechnologie GmbH in Bad Mergentheim, Germany is Müller Martini's Hardcover Competency Center. Here, bookbinding and design professionals dedicate themselves to the new and continued development of customer-oriented machines and systems for the production of hardcover books.

The highly automated machines cover all production steps, from the gathering of folded signatures to the stacking of finished books. The experts in Bad Mergentheim design and sell both complex inline production systems as well as stand-alone machines. They collaboratively analyze the customer's individual needs and create sensible solutions - so that beautiful books can continue to be produced cost-effectively in the future and remain affordable for the reader.

Interested parties can see the machines' efficiency directly for themselves in the Hardcover Forum, Müller Martini Buchtechnologie’s demo room. If you are interested in our hardcover machines, please contact the Müller Martini sales agency in your country.

Müller Martini Buchtechnologie GmbH
Wilhelm-Frank-Str. 69
D-97980 Bad Mergentheim

Phone +49 (0)7931-94000
Fax +49 (0)7931-9400290

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