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03.12.2019 / Heinz Businger

How to avoid markings and pressure marks on your print products

It is the nightmare of every machine operator and production manager: The job is completed on time, the stitching quality is perfect, all products are complete, the sheet sequence is right for every single copy. If only there weren't these markings....

Markings and pressure marks on the final print product are indeed a well-known and widespread phenomenon. The causes are pressure, friction due to mechanical processes during production, speed changes, direction changes, paper transfers or (improper) transport. Printing ink and paper selection also play a crucial role. But how can markings be avoided?

Four factors are responsible for these unfortunate side effects in the saddle stitching process: 
  • the printing press, the printing ink and the paper,
  • the transport,
  • the finishing machinery (saddle stitchers with three-knife trimmers),
  • the human factor. 

In the enclosed Whitepaper, which you can download exclusively from the Muller Martini website, we give you a few golden tips for all four components – with a focus on your saddle stitcher line – on how you can prevent markings.

Signature Lamination and Teflon Tape
One thing is already known: As many roads lead to Rome, there are also many factors for markings during the saddle stitching process. That is why we do not have the ultimate tip on how to prevent markings. After all, it is often a combination of several influences that lead to these undesirable side effects. A great help, however, is undoubtedly the coating or lamination of the signatures or at least the cover. But first the printing plant or the end customer needs to be convinced, because this causes additional costs. Covering critical machine areas with a velvet or Teflon tape is also helpful.

Heinz Businger
Costumer Service Saddle Stitcher Support/On-site Instructor
Müller Martini AG

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Heinz Businger

Costumer Service Saddle Stitcher Support/On-site Instructor