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FM 700 folding and book block press

The FM 700 is used for optimum holding down and subsequent pressing of the fold in thread-sewn book blocks

The newly developed FM 700 folding and book block press presses thread-sewn book blocks over the entire surface and is used as an upstream machine to the RF 700. An offline solution is also possible if required. A first fold pressing station holds down the folding area of the block, the following full pressing station is divided into two pressing areas arranged one behind the other. The FM 700 can optionally be designed with only one folding pressing station. A servo drive transmits the maximum pressing force to the product and generates an angled and compact book block. The stitching holes on the block spine are minimized by the pressing process and the spine inclination is largely eliminated. The motorized adjustment axes of the FM 700 allow fully automated format adjustments. 


Both the ejector and the turntable for 0° or 180° turns are servo-driven. Size changeovers on the turntable (book height and width) can be corrected during ongoing production. The compensating stacker is electrically prepared for integration in a Kolbus inline production line. It has a speed synchronization system for connecting upstream machines, such as a three-knife trimmer.

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