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NewsSorter bundle conveyor
for high capacities and secure distribution

The high-performance bundle conveyor NewsSorter can be optimally coordinated with the entire mailroom process. With digital bundle monitoring all the way to the ramp, it guarantees the highest level of process reliability in product transport and feeding to the vehicles, even at high levels of operation. NewsSorter uses the tried-and-tested profiles of the single-gripper conveyors, which are fitted with lamellas. In addition, NewsSorter features a high layout flexibility.

High performance

Thanks to its high performance of up to 120 bundles per minute, the system guarantees efficient production with fast and seamless processes in product transport.


Maximum production reliability

The electronic bundle monitoring right through to the loading docks ensures maximum process reliability. The bundles are conveyed gently. In addition, the continuous conveyor chain ensures the safe assignment of products.

Low maintenance costs

Thanks to its simple design and the small number of components, drives and the lack of conveyor belts, only minimal maintenance is required.

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