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KM 412 Perfect Binder
High Performance for Perfect-Bound Products

Are you looking for a solution for the industrial production of magazines, book blocks and perfect-bound brochures with up to 18,000 products per hour? The Kolbus KM 412 is the fully automated end-to-end solution with a performance-adjusted gathering machine and palletizer for processing signature, roll-fed and rotogravure positions.


Fully automated

The powerful KM 412 perfect binder works according to the swiveling clamp principle and processes a wide range of sizes. Full automation makes the machine easy to operate and ensures high production speeds.

Fast changeover when switching sizes

The short setup times mean that production is efficient, even when there are frequent sizes changes.

Sturdy construction

The KM 412 has a very robust design, which means it will last a long time – even if it sees heavy daily use seven days a week.


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