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KM 610 Perfect Binder
The Multi-Talented Machine in the Mid-Range Performance Range

With the Kolbus KM 610 perfect binder, we make it easy for you to begin perfect binding – a manageable investment will allow you to benefit from a multi-talented machine for all types of perfect-bound brochures and for book block production. The K 610 processes all common types of glue and block thickness measurements of up to 70 mm with a performance range of 5,000 to 9,000 cycles per hour.


Simple operator guidance

The interface design for the Copilot® system ensures the simplest machine operation. Digital printed products are also processed reliably thanks to barcode matching.


New machine design for more functionality

With the KM 610, access to the machine is especially easy, meaning the perfect binder can be changed over quickly and easily.


Front and back endsheets

An upstream endsheet unit on the KM 610 (A or C versions) adds front and back endsheets to the book blocks. The endsheets are transported and glued separately. Circulating pressure bars on either side apply firm pressure to ensure strong adhesion over the whole length of the endsheets.


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